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The Boss Reviews: Coffee from East Timor (Duhoho)

Moka pot / Stove top method

Every now and then, you get a coffee that keeps on surprising you. East Timor Duhoho is such a coffee.

East Timor is a small country in Indonesia and a former colony of Portugal. The coffee plantations there can be traced back to plants brought over by settlers in the 1800's. We have all the details on this organic coffee and it's origin on our product page. This review is all about my brewing experiments during the course of a wet and windy weekend in early November.

My prior experience of Indonesian coffee had been limited to various Sumatran beans and I didn't really know what to expect from the little 1/2 size sack of beans that turned up at the roastery earlier this year. We probably used most of that first bag up refining our roasting profile and no sooner had we settled on it, the coffee was all but gone.

A few week's ago Falcon Speciality surprised us all by revealing that they had one or two sacks left. We wasted no time in securing a bag. I spent this last weekend really getting to know this coffee. Brewing with whatever coffee gadgetry came to hand.

Saturday Morning: Cafetiere

East Timor Coffee Beans Bean Smitten Ground for Cafetiere

Cafetiere / French press method

Against a background of howling winds, rain and our Rugby World Cup Final efforts going totally pear-shaped, I ground 15 grams of beans (medium-coarse) for my first batch. Brewer of choice: Cafetiere (aka French Press).

My first mug of coffee was ready. I have to say, that I found this first brew beautifully balanced. It had a medium body, a gentle lemon acidity, definitely chocolatey and yes, a little bit of black pepper. There was some sweetness to it and a long finish. All in all, a good start.

Saturday Lunchtime: Moka Pot

East Timor Coffee Beans Bean Smitten Brewed in a Moka Pot

Moka pot / Stove top press method

From the comfort of my kitchen window, I watched the bedraggled few venturing out in high winds and rain. I, the other hand, reached for my trusty Moka Pot (Stove Top or Bialetti).

My Moka Pot is quite large. I always use it to make a mug of coffee rather than tiny espressos. There are no rules 😃. I ground 18 grams of beans (medium-fine), filled the base with water, assembled and put it on the hob on a medium-high heat. After about 7 minutes, I had a pot of rich, intensely aromatic and glossy coffee.

When I tasted this coffee it coated my tongue and the sides of my mouth. It was luxurious and smooth. A little higher in acidity than the cafetiere brew and just loads of dark chocolate coming through. This brew had a very long finish. I could still taste it several minutes later

Sunday Morning: Pour Over Filter

East Timor Filter Coffee Bean Smitten

Pour over / FIlter method

Saturday evening I went to a slightly damp fireworks display at Dunorlan Park, Tunbridge Wells. It was actually a miracle it happened given the number of other displays that were cancelled locally. My friends and I followed this with a visit to the pub. I got in past midnight so by the time it came to Sunday morning, I was ready for a pick me up. A bacon sarnie and a coffee seemed to fit the bill.

Whilst the bacon was grilling, I ground 16 grams of beans (medium) for my 1 cup Hario V60. I always go for a filter coffee with a cooked breakfast because I find that the clarity of the coffee contrasts really nicely with the food on the plate 😋.

This brew had a medium - light body, quite delicate in fact. There was a pleasant lemon acidity, not too pronounced. It was clean, refined with just a hint of cocoa. It went down a treat.

My Favourite?

There are many different brewing methods that can highlight different aspects of the same coffee. A very obvious one that I missed was espresso. However, this was not supposed to be a bench test. It was a real-world review hopefully giving readers a good insight of what to expect when they brew up East Timor Duhoho at home.

Overall, I found the cafetiere brew to be the most satisfying. It was just so well balanced. I could have drunk cup after cup ... and I probably will. The filter came in a close second place but, just lacked the sweetness present in the cafetiere brew.

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