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Colombia San Lorenzo Single Origin Coffee Beans | Washed Process

Light-medium roasted single origin coffee beans. Tasting notes  of orange, raisin with toffee, dark chocolate and hints of clove.

Colombia San Lorenzo Single Origin Coffee Beans | Washed Process

  • The Riosucio Caldas coffee farmers cooperative was founded in the 1960s. Today, it has over 2,500 members across more than 170 villages. 98% of the members are small scale, family producers.


    The cooperative has suceeded in bringing specialty coffee to national and international markets through a number of different channels including Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance.


    The cooperative is a not-for-profit company, whose primary objective is to efficiently distribute goods and services jointly, to meet the needs of the community in general.


    The washed process is a method where the coffee cherries are mechanically pulped to expose the coffee beans which are then fermented to remove the mucilage, followed by washing and drying. This meticulous procedure ensures the flavours of the coffee beans are well-preserved while eliminating any undesirable fermented notes. The result is a clean, bright cup of coffee with pronounced acidity and a well-defined flavour profile.

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