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Brazil Fazenda Antagordense Single Estate Coffee Beans

A light to medium roasted single estate coffee. Tasting notes chocolate, mixed fruits, caramel, honey, brown sugar, medium acidity and a round body



Brazil Fazenda Antagordense Single Estate Coffee Beans | Natural Process


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  • Fazenda Antagodense is situated in the Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil.  This Region is recognised for high quality coffee production, and was the first region in Brazil to be awarded "Designation of Origin".  The D.O. ensures that coffees with this award must show transparency about the origin, farmer, history and processes behind the coffee bean.


    The first coffee plantations at Fazenda Antagordense were in 1994.  The farm is run by Vaciliano Furnaletto and his wife Thalita.  Vaciliano is a second-generation coffee producer, trained in agricultural engineering.   Both he and Thalita have proved their dedication to prducing high quality coffee by investing in equipment that assists in tracking and maintaining the traceability of each individual lot.  


    This particular lot is a pulped-natural Red Catuai, known for its caramel sweetness and milk chocolate body.   The farm is located in the North West of Minas Gerais State.  This area has well defined seasons - a hot wet summer and a pleasantly dry winter.  The Antagordense plantation is at an altitude of 1030 meters, which results in an outstanding coffee.


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