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El Salvador Finca Bonanza Single Estate Coffee Beans | specialty coffee roasters | Bean Smitten

Rain Forest Alliance Certified, medium roast, speciality coffee beans. Tasting notes include plums and dark chocolate.

El Salvador Finca Bonanza Single Estate Coffee Beans | Washed Process

  • Finca Bonanza is situated in the municipality of Santa Ana, near the foothills of the Llamatepec Volcano. Joe Molina is the current owner but, the farm was originally established by his uncle, Salvador Portillo.


    Joe is an agronomist and a number of years ago on the farm he noticed that one tree that was bearing fruit densely and proving resistant to rust whilst other bourbon trees suffered heavily. Since then Joe has been growing seedlings from this one tree he named  'Old Chap'.


    Joes's 10.5 hectare farm has a diverse range of flora and fauna including humming birds, armadillos, wildcats and deer. These animals live among the trees of bourbon coffee, walnut and avocado.


    The coffee is handpicked between January and March then transported to mill at El Borbollon just outside the town of Santa Ana. The coffee is then pulped and left to ferment for between 13-15 hours. Fermented beans are then moved to a washing machine where fresh water is used to remove any remaining mucilage and prepare the beans drying on large sun-drenched patios.

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