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Contemporary Blend Coffee Beans | specialty coffee roasters | Bean Smitten

A medium roast showcasing seasonal coffees. Great Taste Award 2019. 40% Brazil (Castanas), 30% El Salvador (Finca Bonanza) and 30% Rwanda (Mwasa 1004). Notes of chocolate and citrus fruit, with a medium body.


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Contemporary Blend Coffee Beans | Medium Roast

  • A forward thinking blend, which will appeal to those who have become accustomed to a little more acidity and complexity in their coffee.


    Our Contemporary Blend retains the chocolatey notes of our Classic Blend but drops the earthy Sumatra Lake Takengon in favour of the fruiter and naturally sweet Rwanda Karambi.


    Recommended for filter or cafetiere, but suitable all brewing methods. For espresso, we recommend using 18 - 19 grams ground coffee to make a double espresso weighing 36 - 40 grams in 26 - 28 seconds.

  • Where: Brazil - Castanas (40%), El Salvador - Finca Bonanza (30%) and Rwanda - Mwasa 1004 (30%)


    Tasting Notes: Chocolate and citrus fruits. Medium body.


    Roast: Medium.


    Drink it: We prefer this coffee as filter, or brewed in a cafetiere. Versatile enough to work well with just about any brewing method, this coffee is good with or without milk.


    Varieties: Mixed (Brazil) and Red Bourbon (El Salvador and Rwanda). Preparation: Naturally processed (Brazil) and washed (El Salvador and Rwanda).


    Certification: Selected blend components are Rainforest Alliance certified.


    This coffee is now available in our Subscription Plans

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