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Medium Roast Espresso Blend Award Winning

Great Taste 3 Star Award Winner. Medium roast signature espresso blend. 40% Brazil (Castanas), 40% El Salvador (Finca Bonanza) and Sumatra 20% (Bener Meriah).  Notes of chocolate and hazelnuts. Full bodied, smooth and sweet.

Classic Blend Coffee Beans | Medium Roast


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  • A versatile coffee house style blend, perfect for espresso or brewed simply in a cafetiere. Chocolatey, naturally sweet and lots of body. We roast the coffee medium-dark with espresso in mind, but this blend is versatile enough to suit all coffee makers.


    Winner of 3 Stars in The Great Taste Awards 2021 and among just three products from the South-East of England to be nominated for a prestigious Golden Fork!


    Here's an excerpt from the judges comments:"Good medium roast delivering an espresso that we agreed is the hit of the day. A fruity harmony rolls into a medley of chocolate and fruity spiciness with balanced acidity and we detected syrup clinging to the palate in an enticing way. With milk it finishes like fruit cake, round and sweet and spicy, and as warm as a June day. Coffee at its perfect best"

  • Where: Brazil - Fazenda Castanas (40%), El Salvador - Finca Bonanza (40%) and Sumatra - Bener Meriah (20%).


    Tasting Notes: Chocolate, hazelnuts, full-bodied, smooth and sweet.Roast: Medium - Dark.


    Drink it: Versatile enough to work well with just about any brewing method, this coffee is good with or without milk. Espresso recipe: 18 grams ground coffee : 36 grams brewed espresso in 27 - 32 seconds.


    Varieties: Mixed (Brazil), Red Bourbon (El Salvador), Tim Tim Caturra and Typica (Sumatra).


    Preparation: Naturally processed (Brazil) and washed (El Salvador and Sumatra).


    Certification: Selected blend components are Rainforest Alliance certified, whilst others are certified organic.


    This coffee is now available in our Subscription Plans

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