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How to make a better cup of coffee for your decaf customers?

Updated: May 1

How to make a better cup of coffee for your decaf customers?

Are you using pre-ground decaf in your espresso machine? If yes, have you asked yourself why, lately? Is it because you feel you do not have space, or the money to invest in a second grinder? Maybe you think that people who order decaf are not serious coffee drinkers? Let us look at the facts:

In response to increasing consumer demand, the coffee industry has established several food safe methods to remove caffeine from coffee. These include the Swiss Water Process and the sugar cane method.

Not only are these methods, food safe, they are gentler on the coffee, ensuring the character and flavour profile of the bean remains intact.

In 2021, one in five coffee in drinkers in the UK, opted for decaf (source: Mintel)

By 2030, the global decaf market will be worth US$29 billion (source: Skyquest Technology Consulting)

So, what is the issue with using pre-ground decaf for espresso?

  • Without, being in front of the espresso, machine, it is almost impossible to get the grind right. We are only too aware of the importance of adjusting the grinder so, that the coffee extracts in a window of say 27-32 seconds. A properly extracted espresso shot will taste balanced. So, why do we accept it when a decaf shot runs through in less than 10 seconds? For, the customer this will taste watery and sour. Conversely, if it just drips through, it will taste bitter.

  • Pre-ground coffee will go stale much faster than whole bean coffee. Even in an airtight container, every time it is opened, the entire surface area is exposed to oxygen, which has an ageing effect on the coffee.

  • Similar to the last point, we have noticed that customers who use pre-ground espresso for decaf, tend to stock-pile it. Our suggestion is that coffee shops should stock just enough coffee so, that they are brewing it within 2 – 3 weeks of the roasting date.

So, what do we recommend?

At Bean Smitten we believe that all coffee shops should invest in a dedicated decaf grinder. It is the right thing to do for your customers and the reputation of your coffee. After much searching, we have come up with an affordable, compact, second grinder solution.

Please check out our Instagram post demonstrating the advantages of a second grinder over using pre-ground decaf coffee.

Eureka Mignon Speciality Coffee Grinder
Eureka Mignon Speciality Coffee Grinder

For a limited time, we are offering new and existing trade customers 1 x Eureka Mignon Speciality Coffee Grinder at cost. What’s more, for our existing customers, we will spread the cost over their next two regular coffee orders. Contact us to find out whether you are eligible to get this coffee grinder for your business.

This, touch screen on demand grinder has a tiny footprint of 120 x 180 millimetres and measures 350 millimetres tall. Despite its size, its 55mm hardened steel burrs grind through eighteen grams of decaf coffee beans in a little over 10 seconds. It is the ideal choice for a decaf grinder. We can even help set it up for you.

This is a win-win situation. Your café will serve, the freshest, expertly crafted decaf coffee and your customers will love you for it. Whether you are an existing Bean Smitten customer or would like to find out more about how we can supply your coffee shop, then please contact Darren through your usual channels or by using the contact us form.

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