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How Bean Smitten Became London's Preferred Local Coffee Supplier

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

A love for coffee was the starting point for Bean Smitten - and this has led over the years to the company becoming London’s preferred local coffee supplier. Every single person on the team understands why hand-roasted, ethically sourced fresh beans make such a difference to the coffee experience - and is committed to delivering this to all Bean Smitten customers. But how did Bean Smitten get to this point?

Bean Smitten Founder Darren Tickner drinking Coffee

It all started with a cup.

The origins of Bean Smitten can be traced back to former finance executive Darren Tickner, who became fascinated with coffee in his 20s. The fascination often stemmed from the fact that it was so challenging to avoid underwhelming coffee and find a truly reliable local coffee supplier from which to buy. After several years of getting deeper into the world of independent coffee shops and specialty coffee, in 2014, Darren set up Bean Smitten on the Kent /East Sussex border. And so the journey to becoming London’s preferred local coffee supplier had begun.

What makes London’s preferred local coffee supplier?

There are a number of key components that have gone into making Bean Smitten such a popular choice as a local coffee supplier in London. Perhaps one of the most important of these is that the coffee roasted at Bean Smitten has been ethically sourced and produced. The team only partners with specialty coffee merchants that offer total transparency on provenance and ensure that farmers are always getting a fair deal. Other key factors in Bean Smitten’s rise include:

  • Retaining the human connection. The team at Bean Smitten will always invest in the latest technology to achieve the best possible roast but humans are responsible for every batch of roasted beans.

  • Ensuring that the beans are always fresh. There is such a huge difference between coffee that is freshly roasted and coffee that is not. One of the reasons why Bean Smitten is so popular is because the roast is always fresh. Small batch roasting ensures this.

  • Providing the perfect grind. Not everyone has the time or the equipment to grind their own coffee beans so this is something that Bean Smitten does to make sure that the best coffee is available to everyone.

  • Service and benefits. The service provided by Bean Smitten is what keeps customers coming back, as it is transparent and straightforward and reliable. There are also lots of benefits and perks, including discounted loyalty rates. The service is friendly and very coffee-knowledgeable - you can even ask for brewing advice so that you can get the optimum enjoyment from the coffee that you buy.

  • It’s not just about the coffee… Bean Smitten is also an official distributor of Sanremo espresso machines. So, the team is a one-stop shop on everything you need to get set up for great coffee.

With a well-established reputation for quality and fantastic service, as well as deep knowledge of the coffee industry and a passion for what they do, these are just some of the reasons why the team at Bean Smitten has become London’s preferred coffee supplier.

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