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Freshly Roasted: The Benefits of Sourcing from Your Local Coffee Bean Supplier

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For a drink that many of us enjoy every day, we make a lot of compromises when it comes to coffee. Given the range and options that exist in terms of coffee and who you buy it from, today, there is just no need to make do with anything mediocre. If you’re keen to have the best for your cup, then a local coffee bean supplier is the obvious choice - here are some of the benefits of buying from one.

Supporting local businesses

Every time you buy from a local coffee bean supplier, you are supporting the local economy during a time when this is needed the most. Local retailers are at the heart of the local community, provide employment opportunities, social gathering places and give a lot back to locations in which they operate. Making a choice to buy from a local coffee bean supplier helps to support this positive network.

Ethical and sustainable

Every coffee bean supplier is different, but independents like Bean Smitten, who operate on a local basis, have made a commitment to ethical sourcing and transparent supply chains. That means you’ll always have the peace of mind of knowing where your coffee beans have come from - and that the farmers who produced them have been fairly treated and paid.

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Access to a wide variety of coffee

Today, the broadest spectrum of coffee options often comes from a local coffee bean supplier with a real passion for their product. These are the people who work hard at building reliable networks, who are visiting coffee estates and continuously searching for new and exciting options when it comes to the very best coffee grades. A local coffee bean supplier will often use a variety of beans to create a signature roast and may also offer bespoke roasting. So, the experience you get with a local supplier is likely to give you access to a much wider variety of coffee.

Freshness as a priority

There is nothing quite like a coffee that has been prepared from freshly roasted beans - it’s invigorating and inspiring. Opting for a local coffee bean supplier means that you’re much more likely to get access to the freshest beans which have been recently roasted. Small batch roasting ensures that you’re never buying beans that have been roasted and then sat in a warehouse until they are well past their freshness date.

Flavour and aroma

Timing is so key to the quality and flavour of coffee. Many believe that coffee is at its best 3-5 days after it has been roasted, so this is the optimum window in which to enjoy it - something that is much easier to do when you’re buying from a local supplier with roasting dates stamped on the bag. When it comes to aroma it’s the roasting technique that creates this so buying your beans from a real specialist with a passion for what they do guarantees a much better aroma. Local coffee bean suppliers have a passion that is unmatched by many of the big chains.

When it comes to sourcing from your local coffee bean supplier, the benefits are many, from fresher coffee to supporting a stronger local economy.

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