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3 reasons you should buy coffee from a local coffee roaster

Reasons you should buy coffee from a local coffee roaster - Bean Smitten

Coffee isn’t just a caffeine boost, for many of us, it is a regular pleasure that is an important part of every day. Whether you’re the type of coffee drinker who has a detailed ritual for preparing a delicious brew or simply likes to sit and contemplate when you have your coffee, the commitment to enjoying something great is clear. However, not all coffee is made the same, and your choices will definitely impact your experience. So, here are 3 reasons why you should opt for coffee from a local coffee roaster if you want more than just a basic caffeine hit.

  1. You’re getting the coffee at its freshest. Typically, a local coffee roaster will have roasted the coffee just a few days prior to dispatch or, sometimes, even the same day! If you’ve ever bought coffee from a store or supermarket and found it a little underwhelming, that could be because you’re drinking it when it’s outside of this period of peak freshness. If you buy your beans or grounds from a local coffee roaster then you’re guaranteed to always get the best and most delicious-tasting experience because it will always be at optimum freshness. You’ll even be able to see the date of roasting stamped on the bag. Bean Smitten advise customers to use whole bean coffee within 4 months of roasting or, 1 month if ground.

  2. You’re supporting the people who actually grow the beans. Bean Smitten source coffee from family run farms and farmers cooperatives. Unlike some of the larger players who don’t actually return much of their profits to the people who produce the coffee, local coffee roasters believe it matters that you to buy coffee that has been fairly paid for. So, always choose a local roaster. Like Bean Smitten, your local coffee roaster will have a small number of carefully nurtured relationships with coffee farmers and have strong connections to the farms where the beans come from. You’ll be able to ask about the commitment to paying fairly for the coffee, ensuring that workers aren’t being exploited.

  3. It just tastes better - local coffee roasters are masters of their craft. Local coffee roasters also offer a much wider range of different blends and origins, giving you an enhanced taste experience and more options when it comes to what goes into your daily cup. For example, you may only have access to a limited number of origins for supermarket coffee but from a local coffee roaster you could sample coffee from Ethiopia, Colombia or Indonesia. Each of these origins has different and delightful flavour notes and characteristics that you’re unlikely to discover if you’re simply sticking to the same big brand of coffee every time.

Buying coffee from a local coffee roaster is a great way to support a more ethical approach to coffee right up the supply chain. It also means you’ll have the best possible coffee experience and broaden your tastes and experiences too.

Bean Smitten are a local coffee roaster based in Kent/East Sussex, and we focus on making speciality coffee more accessible to both consumers and independent coffee shops. Our coffee is freshly roasted, responsibly sourced and fully traceable.

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