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Demand proper coffee in the workplace

Facilities manager's, are you still buying coffee from a supermarket, or worse still your stationery supplier? Treat yourself, fellow co-workers and your clients to proper coffee from an artisan roaster.

Stock up on hand roasted coffee from Bean Smitten at wholesale prices! Your colleagues will thank you for it and your clients will approve of your support for small businesses. What's more, our coffee tastes great. Brewed in a cafetiere it takes only 4 minutes. Got a drip filter? Great, you can multi-task!

Our coffee is ethically traded and fully traceable to origin. We supply offices with coffee in 250 gram packets. Most customers who by coffee for the office order pre-ground. Whole beans are also available. Minimum order quantity: 6 packets.

For further information please get in touch by Email, or telephone us on the number below.

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