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Hand roasted specialty coffee supplies for your coffee cart

Updated: Nov 15, 2023


At Bean Smitten, we understand economics (our founder is a former accountant). We know that running a coffee cart is no walk in the park.

As a coffee cart owner, your options to up sell are usually limited to muffins and pastries, so every penny in your margin is important. Speciality Coffee is therefore out of the question, right? Wrong! Serve great coffee, stand out from the other coffee carts in your area and gain a loyal following from your customers.

Bean Smitten have developed a coffee cart blend that tastes great black or white and for those customers who require a taller drink, the coffee will not get lost in the milk. What's more, the blend can be customized with the addition of your own label. This can include your coffee cart business name, logo and you can name your blend as well.


Is your coffee machine a little tired? The Sanremo Zoe Compact is a small but perfectly formed two-group espresso machine which fits nicely into small spaces, such as your coffee cart. Check out our coffee machines.

Like all our coffees, our coffee cart blend is hand roasted in small batches, ethically traded and fully traceable:

When you take delivery of your first order, we'll help you dial the coffee in on your grinder. We can also provide training in barista skills and we'll provide up to two hours free of charge, either at your cart or at our roastery.

Get in touch and find out more. Either email us, or call us on the number below.

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