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Amazing coffee for your speciality coffee shop

Like you, at Bean Smitten we're passionate about speciality coffee. We work with reputable importers such as Falcon Speciality to secure the best coffee we can from origin.

Every coffee is fully traceable and ethically traded. We have information sheets providing details such as varietal, growing conditions, processing and where applicable, certification.

Experimental batches are hand roasted on our 6kg Giesen roaster until we believe we have maximised the coffee potential. We cup our coffees weekly.

Whether it's for pour over or espresso, we can deliver freshly roasted coffee to your business, weekly.

In addition to our single origin selection, we carry two blends:

  • Our Classic Blend is bold, chocolatey with just the right amount of acidity and is delicious with milk.

  • For something a little different, our Contemporary Blend is a seasonal blend, slightly lighter and fruitier than our Classic Blend showcasing some of the best Central American and African coffees available.

In 2014, we were delighted to be appointed as a distributor for Sanremo UK. The Sanremo Verona TCS and latterly the Verona RS were the machines of choice for the UK's leading barista championship (UKBC) for 5 years (2009-2014).

Sanremo espresso machines and grinders represent a harmonious balance of design and cutting edge technology. For further details head over to our Sanremo page or Email us.

At Bean Smitten, we'd love to help you launch your speciality coffee shop, or if you have an existing business, supply you with regular, rotating guest coffees.

To find out more, either call us on the number below or Email us.

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