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Sanremo Coffee Machines

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Sanremo Coffee Machine

Bean Smitten are proud to announce that they are an approved distributor for Sanremo machines in Kent and East Sussex.

A clever combination of design, innovation and a love for great coffee has resulted in an impressive range of hand-built coffee machines and sponsorship of the UK Barista Championship for the past five years.

At Bean Smitten, Sanremo caught our attention from the very beginning of our business planning process. We new we had to have one at the roastery.

Whether it's the gorgeous curves of the Verona that grab your attention or the scientific precision of its Temperature Control System (TCS) we can help you choose the right model for your business.

Sanremo Coffee Machine

Look out for our dedicated Sanremo page coming soon, or Email

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