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Tiamo Hand Coffee Grinder

This Tiamo Cermaic Burr Hand Coffee Grinder is a cost effective way to transform your coffee experience. Freshly ground beans make better coffee.


The grinder's ceramic burr, grinding wheels are long lasting and make for an even grind. This ensures the coffee extracts in an even and controlled way.


To adjust the grind, remove the nut, handle and locking ring. Turn the adjustment ring clockwise for a finer grind or, anticlockwise for a coarser grind. Reassemble and grind beans for fresh coffee.

Tiamo Ceramic Burr Hand Coffee Grinder for different coffee brewing methods


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  • The Tiamo Ceramic Burr Hand Grinder is a great investment for anyone who appreciates good coffee.


    We recommend this hand grinder for the following brew methods:


    • Mokka pot/Stove Top
    • Aero Press
    • Filter
    • Cafetiere


    The grinder has very hard wearing ceramic burrs which are adjustable to cater for different grinding methods. The grinder can easily grind enough coffee for a six person cafetiere. It also has a nifty lid which transforms the bottom part into a coffee container. Useful if you grind too much or want to take the ground coffee with you say on a picnic.


    Once you've started grinding your own coffee, you'll never buy pre-ground again. Grinding your own beans is truly the simplest and most cost effective step you can take towards better coffee.

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