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The Different Types of Coffee Processing Methods.

Bean Smitten are a local coffee roaster that are situated in a beautiful rural location on the Kent/East Sussex border. We are your bridge to the world of fine coffees, spanning across the globe. Our journey begins from securing the finest coffee beans worldwide, and ends with us sharing these treasures with you.

Our ethos is simple; making specialty coffee approachable for everyone. We believe that every cup of coffee has a story to tell, a journey that’s as mesmerizing as its taste. And it all begins with understanding the art and science of coffee processing. We invite you to explore the different methods of coffee processing, namely Washed, Natural/Dry, and Honey/Pulped.

Washed Coffee:

The washed or wet process is a method where the coffee cherries are mechanically pulped to expose the coffee beans which are then fermented to remove the mucilage, followed by washing and drying. This meticulous procedure ensures the flavours of the coffee beans are well-preserved while eliminating any undesirable fermented notes. The result is a clean, bright cup of coffee with pronounced acidity and a well-defined flavour profile, mirroring the true essence of the coffee terroir.

The Different Types of Coffee Processing Methods. - Washed Coffees

Natural/Dry Processed Coffee:

The natural or dry process is one of the oldest methods of coffee processing. Here, the coffee cherries are dried in the sun with the fruit skin intact. The process may take several weeks, during which the cherries are regularly turned to ensure even drying. The outcome is a coffee that’s fruity, sweet, and complex, embodying the lush narratives of its origin.

The Different Types of Coffee Processing Methods. - Natural/Dry Processed Coffee

Honey Processed Coffee:

The Honey process involves removing the outer skin of the coffee cherry while leaving the sticky mucilage attached to the bean (hence referred to as ‘honey’) on the beans during drying. This method brings forth a coffee that’s sweet, full-bodied with a hint of fruitiness, offering a melodious balance between the vibrant clarity of washed coffees and the robust character of the natural ones.

The Different Types of Coffee Processing Methods. - Honey Processed Coffee

Every coffee process unfolds a unique narrative, enhancing the sensory experience that each cup offers. At Bean Smitten, we endeavour to bring you closer to these rich narratives, making specialty coffee not just a beverage, but an experience, a journey. Our doors are always open for you to explore, learn, and of course, enjoy a hearty cup of coffee. Discover the eloquence of coffee at Bean Smitten.

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