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Discover New Flavours with Bean Smitten: The Perks of Our Coffee Subscription Program

Coffee is a wonderful adventure - but very few of us really ever get the full experience. We tend to get stuck in buying the same brands, drinking the same coffee and maybe even feeling a little bored by the taste in the end. If you’re looking to explore what coffee really has to offer in a way that is super convenient too, then our coffee subscription program is an excellent choice. This is what you need to know about getting new flavours and exciting tastes delivered direct to your door.

What’s a coffee subscription all about?

If you’re keen for a regular supply of freshly roasted coffee that will open up a whole new world of flavours for you, then our coffee subscription is the perfect choice. Our blends start at just £7.20 per bag and you can mix and match your coffees in any way you choose, whether that’s different types of coffee, or a combination of beans and ground. This is all about the opportunity to have a taste adventure with coffee - as well as knowing that you’ll always have a bag of freshly roasted, fantastic coffee to hand.

How does a coffee subscription work?

You can choose the type of subscription that works for you - for example, we offer a flexible subscription that means you can make your coffee selections and set your preferences as you want to. If you’re a serious coffee drinker then you might want to take a look at the Bean 2 Cup subscription, where you’ll be

Coffee Subscription

able to buy coffee in 1kg bags focused on different coffee blends that you can switch between as it suits you. With either of these options your coffee subscription will renew at a frequency that is chosen by you and your coffee delivery will be dispatched once a week on a Wednesday,

Ground vs whole beans

Want to have your chosen coffee delivered perfectly ground in a 250g pack that’s perfect for your coffee maker? Not a problem. But if you would rather opt for beans then we can do that too. And if you make a selection and then change your mind a month later you can move from ground to beans or the other way around.

Why choose Bean Smitten for your coffee subscription?

  • A proudly independent and award-winning roastery that is always striving for excellence in your coffee experience.

  • Choose from a range of award-winning blends, a rotating single origin coffee - or both.

  • Easy to control your options - you’ll get access to a subscriber dashboard where you can make changes to everything, from your subscription dates to the type of coffee.

  • Quick delivery - when the coffee is dispatched on a Wednesday it is delivered via Royal Mail 48 hour tracked.

  • Easy to enjoy and to share - you can even gift a coffee subscription to someone else that you know would love it too.

If you’re keen to discover new flavours of coffee delivered direct to your door then it has to be the Bean Smitten coffee subscription.

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