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Enjoy coffee this summer with our new Sunshine Blend! 😎

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Bean Smitten Sunshine Coffee Blend

A seasonal blend of Rwandan and Bolivian coffee beans

Earlier this year we were delighted to receive a new shipment of Rwanda Huye Mountain, a firm favourite of ours after it became a prize-winning roast for us the year before.

Next up, we took delivery of Bolivia San Pablo. Bolivia was a previously unexplored origin for us and we quickly fell for the burgundy-ish hue of the roasted beans and intense citrus flavours.

It was Kate, who suggested that blending Huye Mountain with the San Pablo had the potential for a very balanced coffee, still citrusy, but with the underlying chocolate tones of the Rwandan bean just taking the edge off and making for a more milk friendly brew.

Our new summer coffee blend was born, just in time for the sunshine.

Enjoying the Sunshine

So, what's the best way to brew a summer coffee blend? Well this past week, when the June temperatures have been mid- late 20's in the UK, we've been enjoying our Sunshine Blend over ice. Our tip: make sure the ice+water equals the usual amount of water you would use to brew up. The coffee takes on a delicate tea like flavour this way.

Iced coffee made with Bean Smitten Sunshine Blend

Japanese iced coffee (method) with Sunshine Blend

Even though it's hot though, we still can't resist a flat-white to get our day kick-started. The underlying chocolate tones of the Huye Mountain really help this coffee work with milk, and us to work! 😉

Flat White with Bean Smitten Summer Blend

Works great as a Flat White

Holiday Coffee!

Going away? Grab a bag of sunshine blend to take with you. The coffee on holiday is always rubbish! Make it easier still by asking us to pre-grind a 250g pack prior to dispatch. We're one of the few roasters out there who will happily grind coffee for their customers who don't have a grinder, and we won't tell if you don't!

Happy Holidays!

This article was originally written in the Summer of 2018 and our Sunshine Blend has since sold out. Watch out for it's return in 2019!

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