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How To Make A Mochaccino - Video

National Chocolate Week was a perfect excuse to revisit the much maligned mochaccino! It's a coffee or a hot chocolate? Who cares! Made properly, the mochaccino is a very tasty drink indeed.

Head Roaster, Darren Tickner whips out his video camera for this nifty how-to guide:

What did he say? He meant chocolate powder!

We recommend using a coffee for your mochaccino that is naturally chocolatey, or nutty in it's taste profile. From our current selection, the following coffees will work well:

  • Classic Blend (2 Star Great Taste Award 2018)

  • Revive Blend (2 Star Great Taste Award 2018)

These coffees can all be purchased by clicking here.

Enjoy your mochaccino in National Chocolate Week or at any time!

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