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5 Ways to Celebrate International Coffee Day

Each October 1st is International Coffee Day! The International Coffee Organisation (ICO), in partnership with dozens of coffee associations worldwide, holds this one day celebration of everything that is good about coffee!

Here's 5 ways you might have celebrated International Coffee Day:

1. Swap your blend for a single estate (or origin) coffee.

If you always drink blends, consider going for a single estate or single origin coffee next time. It will open up a whole new world of speciality coffee for you. Take time to read the notes that explain how and where the coffee is grown and by whom. Think about the journey that coffee takes from farm to cup and savour the unique flavours of each variety of bean.

Ethiopia Rocko Mountain Reserve Single Origin Coffee

Our Ethiopia Rocko Mountain Reserve is a wonderful example

of how special a single origin coffee can be

2. Make a coffee based dessert or cake

Coffee's not just for drinking. Here's a link to our favourite and very easy tiramisu recipe:

Easy tiramisu recpie

Roll out this crowd pleaser at your dinner party this weekend

3. Curate your favourite coffee moments from the movies

Coffee's (or the caffeine's) ability to stimulate the brain and draw people together over conversation has featured in the plot lines of many movies over the years. Our favourite brew often also plays a key role in comedy. Here's of of our favourite moments from Airplane 2:

Out of coffee? What else could go wrong?

4. Roast some coffee beans in a frying pan

Grab some green beans. You can get small sample packs from the internet or, from us for £5.00 (email us) and roast them on your hob in a frying pan or wok. This guy from the USA will take you through the steps:

Sorry, us coffee roaster types do drone on a bit...

5. Make the change from ground coffee to freshly roasted beans

What better time to upgrade your coffee? The simplest way to do this is stop buying from a supermarket. The coffee there was roasted some time ago and just cannot compete with the flavour and aromas of a freshly roasted coffee. Find a local roaster and get to know them and their products. Most roast several times a week so the coffee's always fresh.

Take things a step further and get yourself a small hand grinder. Coffee stays fresher when it's in whole bean form. If you're grinding for cafetiere or filter, grinding by hand is quite manageable.

Freshly roasted coffee beans kent east sussex

You can't beat freshly roasted coffee

So, there were a few ideas on how you might have celebrated International Coffee Day 2016.

Browse our coffees here...

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