• Uganda Coffee Gardens Lot 1 Single Origin Coffee Beans


    Light-medium. Floral. Lemons, stonefruit. Silky smooth.


    Where: Africa: Sironko District, Mt. Elgon,Eastern Uganda

    Tasting Notes: Floral aromatics, with flavours that remind us of lemons and stone fruit. This coffee has a silky smooth mouthfeel. Milk emphasises this. 

    Roast: Light-Medium.

    Drink it: Works brilliantly with our filter machine.

    Varieties: SL14, SL28, Nyasaland

    Preparation: Washed.

    Owner: The Coffee Gardens

    SCA Cupping Score: 85.5


    250g and 1kg bags available: 250g bags whole beans or ground. 1kg bags whole beans only.

    • The Coffee Gardens work with farmers on a case by case basis to understand their specific needs and goals. In partnership, they work to improve coffee farming practices using smart and sustainable approaches. 


      The Coffee Gardens' partner farmers grow exceptional coffees, which are processed at the Gardens' own microprocessing station. The station was designed to maximise the quality, consistency and traceability of coffees. The station has implemented strict processing practices using state of the art equipment to track each batch of coffee from the gardens to the store.


      The Coffee Gardens have also partnered with an experienced NGO, Vi Agroforestry, who will provide agroforestry, sustainable farm management and financial literacy training to farmers as of early 2019. This will allow them to work towards organic certification.


      For the community around the processing station, The Coffee Gardens is also providing purified water, as well as fertiliser from coffee waste. The long term strategy is to continue to offer micro-lot coffee, each fully traceable to a single garden. 


      Through their long term collaboration, farmers are able secure higher incomes and grow their businesses for themselves and future generations.


      This particular lot is a combination of SL14, SL28 widely grown across Uganda and Kenya and Nyasaland, the preferred varietal of Uganda smallholder farmers.


      Grown at high altitude (1900 - 2100 masl) and processed using the fully washed method, this coffee has a SCA cupping score of 85.5. When tasting our first roast, we were reminded of lemon and stone fruits. The coffee yields floral aromatics a silky body, especially in milk.

    • Uganda is situated in East Africa. It's terrain encompasses everything from the snowy peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains to the vast expanse that is Lake Victoria. Indigenous wildlife includes chimpanzees and rare species of bird.

      Uganda has a tropical climate. Temperatures range from 25-29°C apart from in the mountainous areas, which are much cooler. With volcanic soils, high altitude and an abundance of shade trees, the Mount Elgon Region in Eastern Uganda has the potential to produce world renowned specialty coffee.

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