Sumatra Kerinci - Alko Single Origin Coffee Beans

Orange marmalade and nutmeg with toffee finish. Medium-dark roast.

Where: Indonesia: West Sumatra, Aro District.


Altitute: 1600 MASL.


Tasting Notes: Orange marmalade and butterscotch with a spicy nutmeg and chilli toffee finish.


SCA Cup Score: 85


Roast: Medium-dark


Drink it: Espresso or, filter method. Try it with your favourite brew method.


Varietals: Andung Sari, Lini - S, Sigaran Utang.


Preparation: Washed.


Owner: Alko Cooperative.

Sumatra Kerinci - Alko Single Origin Coffee Beans

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  • Description

    This coffee comes from a series of small coffee gardens which, sit in the shadow of the beautiful Kerinci Volcano. Located on the edge of
    the Kerinci National Park, this area is also home to the endangered Sumatran Tiger.


    The people who inhabit this region are originally from the island of Java. They migrated to this region tin the 1960’s as part of a  Government incentive to encourage farming in the area.


    Large Government-owned tea plantations dominate the landscape and it is only recently that coffee has been grown here, alongside more traditional rice and vegetables.


    The Alko Cooperative was established in 2013 and has 400 farmer members with a total of 291 hectares in coffee spread across 17 villages. This cooperative counts the WWF among its sponsors. They receive funding for a project to help improve infrastructure and educate the farmers about working in harmony with the local environment.


    Washed coffees are pulped and fermented in water for between 12 – 36 hours. They are then transferred to the drying tents where they are dried for between 8 - 15 days before milling.

  • Origin

    Indonesia has been exporting coffee since the 18th Century. Initially, much of this was through the Ducth East India Company and to Amsterdam.


    Production is divided between Arabica and Robusta coffee, much of it being processed by the Giling Bash (semi-washed) method resulting in a rounded, full-bodied coffee with low acidity.


    Washed coffees are a relatively recent phenomenon in the region and are introducing us to the different characteristics of the varieties, whereas before much of this would have been lost to the Giling Bash process.


    Bean Smitten source much of their Sumatran coffee from the Aceh region favouring areas around Lake Takegon and Bener Meriah for our blends but, we are keen to explore the new, washed coffees and feature them in our single origin selection.

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