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Rwanda Horizon 111 Single Origin Coffee Beans | Speciality Coffee Roasters | Bean Smitten

A washed, single origin coffee. Light-medium roast, with notes of smoked orange, spiced rum and caramel.

Rwanda Horizon 111 Single Origin Coffee Beans | Washed Process Coffee

  • On his recent trip to Rwanda, Darren learned that Rwanda is divided into five provinces, 30 districts and 416 sectors. The Horizon washing station is situated in the Kigoma sector of the Nyanza district in Rwanda’s Southern Province, just 20 kilometres from the city of Huye.


    The washing station sits at 1,680 metres but, the farms surrounding the station are much higher up, closer to 2,000 metres. 1,200 farmers contribute cherry to the station from farms that are all within 2km from the site.

    The average size of each farm 3 hectares but, some have only 100 trees. Other crops include bananas, pineapples and avocados. Total production for 2023 was estimated to yield a potential 800 tons of cherry but, due to bureaucracy, production ceased early and this target was not reached. The station's owner Fidel,  is hoping to continually grow the operation to support the local community.

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