Where: South America: El Diamante, San Ignacio Province, Northern Peru.

Tasting Notes: Complex flavour, profile, with red apple, grapefruit and orange notes, verging on the tropical. This coffee has medium acidity and a long finish. 

Roast: Light-Medium.

Drink it: So far, we've brewed and enjoyed this coffee as a pour over and through the aeropress. We found that adding milk, results in a very pleasant fudge-like finish to the drink. Our roast profile should suit most brewing methods.

Variety: Caturra.

Preparation: Washed.

Owner: Lima Coffee processes lots from various smallholder farmers .

SCAA Cupping Score: 85.5.


Certification: Fairtrade and Organic.

250g and 1kg bags available: 250g bags whole beans or ground. 1kg bags whole beans only.

PERU El Diamante Coffee Beans. From:

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  • This coffee like much of the coffee from Peru is Fairtrade Certified. Organic farming methods are also very common in Peru.


    The coffee in this lot is a blend of coffees from various small holder producers in the El Diamante area. The blend favours a cup profile which is very popular in the area, one of pronounced acidity, notes of citrus fruits
    and lots of complexity.


    Farmers have their own hand pulping machine and fermentation tank where they process the coffee before drying it on their patio or raised beds in their farms. The main variety grown in El Diamante is Caturra, with few producers planting anything else.

  • Situated in western South America, Peru shares borders with Colombia and Ecuador in the north, Brazil in the east and Chile and Bolivia in the south. At its west coast lies the Pacific Ocean.


    Peru is country of diverse climates and habitats including the Andes mountain range. This coffee comes from the Cajamarca area, located at the northern end of ther Peruvian Andes. This area offers a great climate, good soil, but difficult terrain. Farmers in this area are typically small holders who work with organisations such as Lima Coffee.


    Lima Coffee organise farmers cooperatives, always keeping the focus on quality through provision of technical advice, training, financial support and other initiatives to support the coffee growing community.

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