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Peru Chorro Blanco Single Origin Coffee Beans | Natural Process

A medium roasted single origin coffee. Tasting notes: Nectarine, pineapple, limoncello and brown sugar, with a velvety milk chocolate finish.

Peru Chorro Blanco Single Origin Coffee Beans | Natural Process

  • "Chorro Blanco" is a descriptive local name used by coffee farmers to refer to a specific micro-region where this coffee is cultivated and broadly refers to a clear (white) running stream and waterfall that can be found in the area.

    This lot is a blend of coffees from various smallholders across the region. Each of the producers farms around 1.5 hectares, with the main varieties grown being caturra, catimor and bourbon.


    Following harvest, the majority of these producers dry their coffee on plastic mats on the ground, similar to patio drying. Coffees are purposefully selected and blended together based on tasting notes typical of the Cajamarca region.


    Component lots come from high altitude areas and the harvest is processed and dried by the producers on their farms. Once processed, the parchment coffee is delivered to Falcon's Jaen warehouse where it is graded, moisture tested, roasted and cupped.

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