Honduras Single Origin Coffee Beans by Bean Smitten

A medium roast organic, single origin coffee with flavour notes of red berries, blackberry and spiced apple.




Honduras Saul Moses Meijia Single Origin Coffee Beans

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    La Cascada is a farm owned by Saul Moses Meijia, situated in the Gualme area. With relatively high altitude (1450masl), temperature swings and high humidity, coffee produced here has pronounced acidity and greater complexity but, is more challenging to dry.


    Most of the coffee is picked by the owners family who all live within 7 hectares of the farm land. This year, the harvest for all producers was difficult, with increased rain during harvest time whereby a lot of the coffee was sadly lost.


    Our importer, Falcon Specialty has worked with Saul to implement a new drying facility which has benefitted the farm greatly. The mill has been moved to a lower altitude which gives a more stable climate to dry the coffee.


    After harvesting, the cherries are cleaned and washed then floated to remove underdeveloped beans, before pulping and fermentation overnight. Drying lasts for a period of 10-15 days and is on raised beds.


  • Origin

    In the coffee world, Honduras is often overshadowed by its neighbours, Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Salvador.


    Why is this? On paper, the reputation of Honduras should be up there with those countries, since it has the same conditions to produce very good coffees: high altitude, volcanic and fertile soils, an ideal climate and plenty of expertise. However, a lack of investment and inadequate infrastructure means top flight speciality coffees are harder to come by.


    In fact, most of the country's output feeds the commodity market however, the national coffee institute: Instituto Hondureno del Café (IHCAFE) together with smaller producers and international expertise are slowly revealing this country's true potential.

  • Details

    Where: Central America : Honduras , Copan, Corquin, Gualme.


    Owner: Saul Moses Meijia.


    Varieties: Red Catuai.


    Altitude: 1450 MASL.


    Preparation: Washed.


    SCA Cup Score: 86.


    Roast: Light - Medium.


    Drink it: Works well in a cafetiere, any type of filter device or as a single origin espresso. Equally good black or with milk. 


    Tasting Notes: Red berries, blackberry and spiced apple with crisp acidity and a smooth caramel body. 


    Ceftification: Organic.

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