Ethiopia Single Origin Coffee Beans by Bean Smitten

Light-medium roast single origin coffee with flavour notes of black cherry, lime and apricots.

Ethiopia Mustefa Abakeno Lot 18 Single Origin Coffee Beans

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  • Description

    Mustefa Abakeno farms 18 hectares near to Agaro in the Jimma area of Western Ethiopia. The farm lies at elevatons more than 2000 metres above sea level and is planted with varieties selected from the nearby Jimma research centre. Half the coffee is wet processed and half is dried as a natural. 


    Mustefa exports his coffee directly to buyers which, is a relatively new approach in Ethiopia. He has set up a small wet mill where he processes his farm’s and outgrowers’ coffee. Mustefa’s outgrowers are all neighbours and have between 4 and 10 hectares of land each.


    Our importers, Falcon Specialy work closley to support Mustefa. They have a small team on the ground in Addis. There are huge opportunities to drive improvements in quality through direct relationships like this one, where it is possible to work with the producer on issues like cherry selection, drying and farm management, covering all aspects of quality best practice. The net result of all of this are better prices for producers.

  • Origin

    Ethiopia is widely accepted (although not undisputed) as the birthplace of coffee. Still to be found growing wild in forested areas, our favourite brew was originally enjoyed in a raw, unroasted state, ground and mixed with animal fats.


    Ethiopia is the largest producer of coffee in Africa. Production is somewhere inbetween 4 and 5 million bags per annum. A wide range of coffee is grown, with each region’s production having its own distinctive characteristics.


    Very favourable growing conditions are found throughout the country, with altitudes ranging from 1200 to 2750 masl, yearly rainfall of around 2000 mm and temperatures fluctuating between 15 and 25C.


    Well known coffee producing regions include Harar, Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Limu, Djimmah, Lekempti and Bebeka. Ethiopian coffees remaine some of the best and most sought after in the world.

  • Details

    Where: Africa: Agaro, Jimma, Western Ethiopia.


    Owner:Mustefa Abakeno.


    Varieties: 74110,74112 & Heirloom.


    Altitude: 2000-2120 MASL.


    Preparation: Natural.


    SCA Cup Score: 87.


    Roast: Light - Medium.


    Drink it: We like this coffee brewed black, through a filter. Alternatively, try with a little milk e.g. flat white. Suitable for use in all coffee makers.


    Tasting Notes: Black cherry, lime, apricots with a sweet fudgy finish.


    Certification: Organic.

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