• El Salvador El Pepeton Single Origin Coffee Beans


    Orange - Fig - Dark Chocolate Liqueur. Light Roast.

    Where: Central America, Nejapa, Department of San Salvador.


    Altitute: 1800 MASL.


    Tasting Notes: Orange and fig with a dark chocolate liqueur and a creamy cashew body


    SCA Cup Score: 85


    Roast: Light


    Drink it: For clarity of taste, we recommend a filter method, such as drip, pour over or aeropress. Try it with your favourite brew method. 


    Varietal: Bourbon


    Preparation: Natural


    Certification: Rainforest Alliance


    Owner: Alvares Gallardo family

    Bag Size
    • EL Cipres Estate is located on the northern slopes of the Picacho  Volcano and has been owned by the Alvares Gallardo family since 1992 .


      The estate is made up of 90 Hectares of coffee producing land and 5 hectares of natural forest, allowing the wildlife to flourish. Starting at 1070 masl the farm is a long thin strip which climbs up to 1800 masl, producing 3000 bags annually. The Estate has re-introduced the old practice of agobia cutting and growing where the trees are bent over and tied to the ground to keep producing whilst new shoots grow vertically. This improved yield significantly.


      The coffee is  Rainforest Alliance certified and the family works hard to ensure all workers are treated with respect and dignity. Workers have access to daily meals, accomodation and the estate supports the local school on site.


      El  Pepeton  is comprised of a natural lot this year using ripe cherries selected from the best sections of the farm. The cherry  is floated and separated to ensure only ripe cherries are used in producing these lots. Once ready they move to the patio usually late in the afternoon so they lose the initial moisture without ‘heat shock’ from the strong afternoon sun. They are then left for 48hrs to settle and are not raked to prevent the skin of the cherry being damaged whilst soft. The overall drying time usually lasts between 10 - 14 days, after which the coffee is allowed to rest for a further 30 days before being sent to the mill for hulling.

    • El Salvador has a long and complex history as a coffee producer. The smallest of the Central American nations, this densely populated country has been growing coffee commercially since the mid 19th Century.


      The country has an extensive transport infrastructure and a reputation for quality and efficiency marred only perhaps by civil war in the 1980's. However, the country recovered and today continues for focus on quality over quantity.


      About two thirds of the coffee grown in El Salvador is of the Bourbon heirloom varietal. Producers are a mix of larger estates and smaller farms. The coffees they produce are typically sweet, well balanced with pleasant acidity.

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