• Decaf East Timor Duhoho Single Origin Coffee Beans


    Sparkling water method, organic decaf. Notes of lemon and dark chocolate.

    Where: Indonesia: Duhoho Village, Letefoho, East Timor 


    Tasting Notes: A firm favourite from last year now back in decaffeinated form! Tasting notes include raspberry, lemon and dark chocolate.


    Roast: Medium


    Drink it: Perfect in a cafetiere, or as a single origin espresso. Suits all coffee makers and is good with or without milk.


    Varieties: Hybrid De Timor and Typica


    Preparation: Washed. Decaffeinated with sparkling water


    Certification: Organic


    Owner: 14 member farmers co-operative


    Both 250g and 1kg bag sizes can be selected below. 250g bags can be ground if you wish. 1kg bags are shipped as whole beans.

    Bag Size
    • Our decaffeinated coffees are the result of the 'sparkling water method'. Natural carbon dioxide (from prehistoric underground lakes) is combined with water to create a highly solvent substance, suited to removing the caffeine from coffee. It is a gentle, natural and organically certified process, respectful of the other coffee components that contribute to taste and aroma.


      Duhoho coffee is produced by 18 smallholders who live in the village bearing the same name. The average altitude of each farm lies between 1400m and 1600m above sea level.


      Members harvest the coffee cherries between July and September each year. Only fully ripe cherries are hand-picked. The harvest finishes just after lunch each day, so that the co-op may process all the cherries
      before sundown.


      The coffee cherries are put through a floatation tank to eliminate damaged fruit before being pulpled (wet-processed) with a traditional pulping machine, one on each farm. After the cherries are removed, the resulting beans are fermented for 36 hours, before being washed and sun-dried on large tarpaulins.

      The dried coffee is transported to the port of Dili where it is packed, ready for export, usually September - November each year.

    • East Timor is small country with a population of only 13 million people. Coffee has been grown here since 1815 when the Portuguese first brought the crop to their former colony.


      The country has a troubled past and only gained independence in 2002. However, in recent years East Timor has made huge strides in producing specialty coffee. Its remote and lesser known regions in particular are beginning to demonstrate the quality potential of coffees being produced.


      This is particularly true in the Letefoho region, which is set in the dramatic and stunningly beautiful north west of the country, much of which is at altitudes of up to 1900 meters above seal level.


      Our importers, Falcon Specialty are working with an exporter called Café Brisa Serena. They have been working in East Timor for a number of years and created the group as a social enterprise focussed on farmer training and education and are now working with 600 farmers across the region.

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