• Brazil Pedra Branca Single Origin Coffee Beans


    Light roast. Milk chocolate, sweet clementines and hazelnut

    Where: Eastern Brazil, Carmo Region


    Tasting Notes: Sweet clementine, milk chocolate, hazelnuts


    Drink it: Great in milk based drinks or black


    Variety: Yellow Bourbon


    Preparation: Natural


    Owners: Rinaldo De Junqueira, Fazenda Furnas farm


    SCA Cupping Score: 83.5


    Altitude: 950 - 1,350 masl

    Bag Size
    • Our newest Brazil coffee is a single estate coffee from a farm in the Carmos region of Brazil. This naturally processed coffee is allowed to dry out on large sun patios prior to processing. This method allows more of the flavour of the coffee cherry to be absorbed by the stone (bean) and for lower acidity.

      In this cup you can find tasting notes of sweet clementine, milk chocolate and a hazelnut finish. It is a great all-day brew and tastes good with or without milk for all brewing methods. 


    • Rinaldo de Juniquera has been growing coffee in the Carmo region as did his father and grandfather before him, he recently acquired the 100 year old plot at Fazenda de furnas farm specifically for growing speciality coffee. The Carmo region and surrounding areas are blessed with perfect coffee growing conditions and there are over 7,000 farmers in this zone, exporting over 1 million sacks of beans per year.



    Bean Smitten is an independent speciality coffee roastery based on the Kent/Sussex border, near Tunbridge Wells. Our focus is roasting high-quality coffee for businesses & customers at home.

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