Where: Brazil, Minas Gerais, Serra Da Mantiquiera


Tasting Notes: Raspberry, chocolate and praline


Drink it: We recommend filter or espresso


Variety: Yellow Bourbon


Preparation: Natural


Owners: The Pereira Family, Santa Ines


SCAA Cupping Score: 83.75

Brazil Fazenda Santa Ines Coffee Beans From:

Bag Size
  • A firm favourite of last year, we are once again excited to offer one of the most aromatic and flavourful Brazil coffees we have tasted. A single estate coffee from a farm in the Minas Gerias region of Brazil. This naturally processed coffee is allowed to dry out on large sun patios prior to processing. This method allows more of the flavour of the coffee cherry to be absorbed by the stone (bean) and for lower acidity.


    In the cup, notes of raspberry give way to underlying chocolate and praline flavours. Acidity is gentle, making this great for an all day brew. Suits all brewing methods including espresso.

  • The Pereira family have been growing coffee at Santa Ines for over forty years. It is situated in a special area of Brazil where the mountainous terrain provides high altitudes, good sunlight and essential rainfall. This ideal combination of conditions for coffee growing lead to the awarding of the Geographical Indication seal to the area seven years ago. The Pereiras have made the most of these conditions and in 2005 they won a Cup of Excellence in the pulped natural category. 

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