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The Aeropress just got even more portable! Ideal for active coffee lovers and frequent travellers this gift will allow you to enjoy your favourite coffee whilst out and about.


Designed to fold away neatly into it's own travel mug. It's well suited for camping trips, holidays or just into the office.


Faster and easier to clean than a cafetiere, the Aeropress Go is super easy to use.

Aeropress Go Coffee Maker | The Gift for Active Coffee Lovers


Spring Bank Holiday - Save 10% on orders over £20

  • The Aeropress Coffee Maker is an easy to use device that makes some of the best coffee we've ever tasted. It's recently featured in The Times, BBC's What To Buy and on BBC Radio London, as the experts favourite. Quick and easy to use, it comes with everything you need to get started. Why not also order 250 grams of freshly roasted coffee, ground just right, so you can brew up straight-way!

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