Staff Coffee Review: Emma - Rwanda - Gitwe #295

Updated: Jan 30

Our New Rwandan Coffee

Last weekend I took home a bag of our latest Rwandan coffee beans to review! I decided to try it out with different brewing methods to experiment with the flavours and I wasn’t disappointed.

Rwanda offers some of the perfect conditions for growing coffee; and the vast majority of it is grown by smallholder farmers, with very small plots of land. The Nyamasheke district is situated on the shores of Lake Kivu and at high altitude. Benefiting from rich, volcanic soils, this district is one of the regions with the highest concentration of coffee trees and washing stations. The area offers some of the finest beans in the country.

Gitwe washing station is serviced by almost 800 local farmers, and aims to produce exceptionally high quality fully washed coffee with room for experimentation. This lot offers a fine example of a beautiful Rwandan coffee, and after watching Darren roast our first batch in the new year I was excited to take some home to try! I would usually drink our previous Rwandan coffee as a long black filter so this weekend I decided to experiment with different brewing methods to see how I preferred it best.

Tasting the Coffee

I started off my Saturday morning a double espresso. I usually drink a flat white first thing but decided to try this as a straight espresso shot to taste the flavours (and wake me up to start the weekend!). With 18 grams loaded into my Gaggia Classic, it produced a lovely crema.

The first thing I noticed was dominant, juicy, fruity flavours of citrusy grapefruit. Nicely balanced but, bright and crisp. It put a spring in my step for my morning dog walk, despite the inclement weather!

Later on that evening, I had some friends round and we brewed up a big cafetiere to enjoy after dinner. I particularly enjoyed this cup, and received approval all round. There some surprise at how unusual and different the flavours were. It was much more delicate this way and the light gooseberry notes were a nice contrast, cutting through the meal we had just enjoyed. Tried and tested, without milk I much preferred this black!

My final taste test and possibly favourite of the bunch was on a very lazy Sunday morning, I got out my trusty Moka pot and brewed up a batch. I have always enjoyed my stove top coffee, for a more intense thicker cup and I was surprised at how it differed from the cafetiere I tried previously.

Again, I drank it black and was surprised at the sweetness and I also enjoyed the nutty finish. I think this was my favourite of the bunch, but I really enjoyed tasting the coffee all the different ways. It certainly brought a bit of sunshine into a gloomy January weekend :)



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