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#5ThingsWeDidThisWeek No.#11 Our Weekly Update

Collect your order from the roastery

Summer arrives heralding the start of the iced coffee season. Also there's news of how you can collect online orders directly from the roastery.

1.) You guys love our decafs and we've got another great one for you. From Colombia La Lupa Estate, this Caturra varietal exhibits almond, marzipan and cocoa flavours with a hint of plums. It's decaffeinated using the same, gentle and friendly sparkling water method as for all our other decafs, which means you get all of the taste without the caffeine. Joy!

2.) It was sad to see Harrison Browne @goldenhbrowne leave us this week. Harry joined us last year after successfully helping launch Pret-A-Manger's Tunbridge Wells store. He wanted to build on his barista skills and train as a roastmaster. Lately Harry has also been studying the world of Gin, courtesy of Chapel Place Wine Bar, where he has been working part time. In fact he has gotten a grip on things so quickly that he was appointed General Manager and alas left us this week to take on the role full time. Thanks for your hard work Harry. We are sorry to see you go. The silver lining in all of this is that Chapel Place are customers of ours serve our Classic Blend. Harry will be pleased to make you a flat white, if it's too early for gin.

Harry in action

3.) It's felt distinctly summery this week. It's in the mid twenties this (Friday) afternoon and I'm enjoying a sneaky pint outside The White Hart, Wadhurst @WhiteHartWad whilst writing this blog. I digress. What I meant to say is that poured our first iced coffee of the year today. Very simple. Single Origin Espresso over ice. We chose the excellent Mexico Finca Muxbal to kick off the season. Lovely!

Craft ale and single origin espresso. Served cold, on a hot day. Bliss!

4.) We took a further delivery of green coffee today (Friday). It's incredible to think of the sheer effort involved, with much of the work being carried out by hand in order to get these beans to us and the incredible duty of care we have to roast them to perfection.

Green coffee - awaiting roasting

5.) At long last we have worked out a system whereby you can collect your coffee from the roastery. You'll need to add the Collect/Pick-up product to your online basket to dispense with the regular postage charge. Once your order is ready we'll email instructions on how to collect. It's that simple. Simply add this item to your basket to get started.

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