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#5ThingsWeDidThisWeek No.#8 Our Week in Review

Getting in the spirit of UK Coffee Week 2016

UK Coffee Week, shipping to the USA, employment opportunities and a coffee cupping session to look forward to. It's all in this week's update.

1.) As I write this UK Coffee Week is drawing to a close. It's been a very busy week for the speciality coffee sector and we are proud to have been part of it. We will continue to donate 10% of sales through this website to Project Waterfall for orders placed until midnight tonight!

2.) We have a number of Twitter followers in the USA who have asked whether we will ship coffee abroad. A week ago we conducted an experiment to see whether we could ship coffee to The USA at economy rates and have it arrive in a reasonable time scale. We sent a package to Maryland, USA using Royal Mail's International Economy service and I'm glad to say that it only took 8 days to arrive. Check out our on-line store to see our rates for despatch to the USA. Note that although in our experiment the package only took 8 days to arrive, please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

We now ship to the USA

We now ship to the USA

3.) It's busy here and we have opportunities for two new staff, both working part-time 1 - 2 days per week in the case of an assistant roastmaster and 1 day per week (which can be split over 2 days) for a production and packing assistant. For more details please see here:

4.) After several weeks of rushing around here it was nice to be back at base for most of this week. We were only too happy to show Claire and Kate from WillCreate around the roastery on Friday morning. WillCreate are a multi-media advertising agency based in Kent, who are developing a keen interest in coffee!

At our roastery - Bean Smitten

What will you see on your roastery visit?

5.) On Thursday, 28 April we will be co-hosting a coffee event at the Black Dog Cafe, Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells. Held in conjunction with The Black Dog and Falcon Speciality Coffee. We will be coffee tasting single origin coffees from around the world, holding a mini latte' art competition and Falcon will give a talk on speciality coffee. If you enjoy your coffee and want to know a little bit more, then this is a great opportunity and promises to be a fun-filled evening.

Cupping coffee at The Black Dog 28 April 2016

The Black Dog - Cupping Evening Thursday, 28th April 2016

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