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#5ThingsWeDidThisWeek No.#6 Our Weekly Review

Updated grinder settings, a fresh delivery from our coffee merchant, a new flavour wheel, an amazing latte and a tip-top flat white - it's all in this week's update.

1.) From time to time we recalibrate our grinder to take into account wear and tear on our grinders burrs (grinding discs) and this was one of this weeks tasks. To recalibrate, we mark the grinder setting approximately where we want it and then make a series of identical brews using a selection of settings around (above and below) that mark. You can also do this at home, just try to get each brew as close as possible to the last. Use the same weight of coffee, water and same brew time. As an example, for cafetiere, we found that we preferred a setting of '16' (on our grinder) which gave a clearer and sweeter brew than settings '14' and '15'.

We find this setting works best for cafetiere

2.) On Wednesday, our latest consignment of coffee arrived. It included the excellent Finca Muxbal from Mexico and a brand new decaffeinated coffee from Columbia, which we will run once the equally excellent Brazil Santa Lucia is finished.

3.) We'll be tasting our new coffee's with the help of the New Coffee Tasters Flavour Wheel (pictured above) which is an indispensable tool for coffee roasters, when coming up with the coffee descriptors we associate with speciality coffee.

We can't wait to roast and taste this coffee

4.) On Thursday, we visited The Old Fire Station in Tonbridge, Kent. This fantastic building has recently been bought back to life as an event venue for pop-up businesses. We met with Sam who kindly showed us around before taking us on a speciality coffee shop tour of the Town.

5.) This week I enjoyed one of the best latte's I'd had for a long time. All credit to Donna at Kikilu's Kitchen in Chart Sutton. Now, we are a little biased here as Kikilu's do serve our Classic Blend, but nevertheless, why was this particular coffee so good? We'll every good latte starts with a good espresso, and Donna nailed the extraction, the grind, dosage and length of pour were just right. After that, there's the milk, this was textured beautifully, not too hot and the speed of the pour was just right, so as to mix the milk with the espresso in such a way that you could taste the coffee all the way through the drink - not just at the bottom of the glass. I'd also like to thank Beyond The Grounds in Tonbridge for an excellent Flat White. BTG use, Climpson & Sons coffee in their beautiful and contemporary cafe on the banks of the river Medway.

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