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#5ThingsWeDidThisWeek No.#5 Our Weekly Update

Coffee Beans and Chocolate

Happy Easter everybody! We squashed roasting, bagging and despatch into one less working day this week and now it's time for a break. We hope you got lots of lovely chocolate and coffee for Easter... and don't forget coffee and chocolate are a perfect pairing.

1.) When our chimney needs sweeping, we can't call upon Dick Van Dyke, so we've got our own set of rods and a brush. It's all part of a regular programme of maintenance that keeps our roaster running sweet and your coffee tasting like-wise. This week we've gave our chimney stack a thorough clean. Show us how it's done, Dick...

Bert.. he's good with a brush

2.) Carrying on with our maintenance theme, we've seen more than one example of unloved coffee making equipment this week. Over time, oils that are naturally present within the coffee will build up and coffee grounds will stick to those oils. This will affect the flavour of your brew and not in a nice way. It will also impede the performance of your machine, which in turn will affect the coffee. Whatever you use to brew up, you'll reap the benefits if you look after it. Ask us how.

3.) There's still huge interest in the Aeropress coffee maker. This is a fantastic piece of kit that in our opinion, should be in every coffee lovers collection. Our neighbour recently took his on a camping trip. Taken yours anywhere unusual? Tweet us a pic to @BeanSmitten. For the full low-down on how to get the best from your aeropress, check out this article at The Perfect Daily Grind. A further two 'sold themselves' this week.

Aeropress coffee maker available from Bean Smitten

The aeropress... have you got yours yet?

4.) We were at our local Farmers Market on Saturday, in Wadhurst, East Sussex. Not sure if the people who built the village hall ever imagined that some guy would one day be roasting coffee in there, but we're willing to take our table top roaster anywhere. It brings a real sense of theatre and an amazing aroma to the occasion. Customers love it!

Our sample roaster is highly portable!

5.) Got company coming over this Easter Sunday? Should you be getting on with the dinner instead of reading this? Fear not, our trusty quick and easy tiramisu recipe will save the day and you can probably get all you need in your local-open-all-the-time convenience store. Have a good one!

Tiramisu our pudding of choice this Easter.

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